authorities ban movement “10 million northerners”


In a decree dated 18 November, Cameroon’s territorial administration ministers banned the movement of “10 million northerners” by journalist Guibai Gatama, head of the publication “l’Oeil du Sahel”. This ban comes a few months after the association Survie Cameroun by the opponent Maurice Kamto. The authorities consider that this movement “undermines national unity and the principle of peaceful coexistence between the sociological components of the nation”.

For the Minister of Territorial Administration, the movement “10 million northerners” is first and foremost illegal because it has never been registered with the authorities. Reached by telephone, Paul Atanga Nji also explains that his publications are “incorrect and set the Cameroonians against each other”. A “scam,” he said, “dangerous to national cohesion.”

But sources close to the movement’s leadership claim that “10 million northerners” are apolitical. And is simply trying to appeal to the northern regions, poor and neglected by the central government.

Behind the movement is Guibaï Gatama, an influential journalist, “with a significant mobilization ability”, states a researcher. The frustrations of the northern population and this growing movement can encourage a cry in an area where Paul Biya has a strong base. The president of Cameroon therefore prefers to shorten all critical votes before losing control, according to the analyst.


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