tense election campaign with incidents between power and opposition

The presidential campaign on October 18 opened two weeks ago amid a climate of concern after months of tension caused by the inclusion of the established Alpha Condé for a controversial third term. In Labé then in Dalaba, the convoy of the Prime Minister, campaign director of Condé, Kassory Fofana, was thrown from stone, the government said in a statement. What the UFDG, the main opposition party for Cellou Dalein Diallo, denies.

Right in his shoes, Security Minister Albert Damantang Camara says the procession of Prime Minister Kassory Fofana has been attacked by thugs and thugs in some cities considered favorable to the opposition, which he does not like.

“It is really a bad sign that we are sending to voters and Guinean people in general,” regrets Albert Damantang Camara, and those responsible for it should think twice before it happens again: nothing justifies this outbreak of violence against representatives of a candidate who only fights for ”.

Opponent Cellou Dalein Diallo, who feels his supporters are targeted in this attack, denies and makes direct accusations.

“Unfortunately, there were these incidents that we regret, but we are convinced that it is the fact from the RPG (the gathering of the people of Guinea, by the power of Ed) that seeks pretext to be able to attack the militants or the leader of the ‘UFDG. (Union of Democratic Forces in Guinea, the largest opposition party) ”.

Both sides call for calm

“A call for calm everywhere so that those responsible for this type of event get their action together,” continues Albert Damantang Camara. Justice will do its job, but the most important thing is in the minds of the candidates that it must happen, to conduct a peaceful and responsible campaign.

For his part, Cellou Dalein Diallo assures us that “it is up to the state to ensure the safety of the processions. For our part, we continue to appeal to all our militants to continue to show restraint and let their opponents carry out their campaign properly ”.

A teenager lost his life yesterday in clashes between protesters and police in the city of Dalaba.


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