Senegal vs. Ogren Brazil for a place in

After beating defending champions Portugal (5-3) in a group match, Senegal must achieve the feat against Brazil in the quarter-finals to finally qualify for the semi-finals for the first time in their history.

This time it’s going to be right? After eight participations for five quarter-finals, Senegal finally dreams of reaching the last four of the Beach Soccer World Cup. Sovereign in Africa with 6 league titles in 10 editions, Lions now want to mark beach soccer in the world. This is good, it’s a legend that will stand in the way of Lions, in this case Brazil, 14 world titles in 21 editions.

It is a real mountain that must be climbed for Ngalla Syllas men who can beat the reigning world champion (5-3), Portugal, and lose (2-3) to modest Oman for their last group game.

On the other hand, Brazil was not imperial either and finished second in its pool behind Switzerland. Auriverdes, if they remain the best beach soccer players, have only won one of the last five World Cups. What should I give even more hope to the lions?

Senegal can at least count on their striker Raoul Mendy, five goals since the start of the competition, and on his flying goalkeeper Al Seyni Ndiaye, who was crowned the best goalkeeper in Africa six times.


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