Mauritanian Houleye Ba, a dual institute

Houleye Ba finished last in the 100-meter qualifiers at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics on July 30. Mauretanian, a daily teacher, played her second Olympics after those in Rio 2016. A positive experience for the young woman, after all.

From our special correspondent in Tokyo,

The important thing is to participate. This maxim, which is incorrectly attributed to the inventor of the Olympic Games Baron Pierre de Coubertin, is well suited for Houleye Ba. The Mauretanian finished last in the 100-meter long qualifiers in the Olympics. With a time of 15 seconds 26, the sprinter was very far from her distance record, which is about 13 seconds.

“It’s still a very good experience, despite the time I have achieved and the line I finished, the young woman of 29 years reacts, especially since this is my second Olympics.” In 2016, Houleye Ba set up … 800 meters. A completely different race from 100 meters.

“I was more or less well prepared for these Tokyo Games, compared to those in Rio, explains this versatile athlete. I was warned less than two months ago about the possibility of Mauritania sending another athlete to Tokyo, and I have not prepared properly. Especially when we see the leadership that other countries have over us ”.

“It is very, very difficult to train athletics in Mauritania”

Houleye Ba has been practicing athletics since she was 17, in Nouakchott. “But not continuously because I had moments of pause,” she emphasizes. It is very, very difficult to train athletics in Mauritania, especially when it is a woman ”.

Representing your country at the games is an honor but also a pressure for the sprinter. “It’s a big weight on the shoulders,” she explains. Especially since people do not know under what conditions we are and if we have been well prepared ”.

The one who is a daily teacher does not yet know if she will try to go to Paris, to the 2024 Olympics. “If the training conditions change, why not?” She smiles.

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