low attendance for the first mobilization of the opposition front

The Ivorian opposition “United Front” organized three joint meetings in Abidjan in the municipalities of Yopougon, Anono and Gonzagueville on Saturday 26 September. RFI visited the Anono field and noted that the crowd was not there this first day of mobilizing the opposition coalition.

A fine fog is watering the land in Anonos’ headquarters, where one of the opposition coalition meetings is being held. All opposition sensitivities, with the exception of the independent candidate Kouadio Konan Bertin, called for mobilization a few days ago to demand the dissolution of the two institutions responsible for organizing and validating the electoral process: the Electoral Commission. Independent (CEI) and the Constitutional Council as well as the withdrawal of Alassane Ouattara’s candidacy.

The participants, activists and leaders of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI), the Democratic Party of Côte d’Ivoire (PDCI) or even Generations and People of Solidarity (GPS) protect themselves under white arbors.

In front of the stage a large void. Attendance is low, but Diack Gassama, part of the Générations Populaires Solidaires, Guillaume Soros movement, explains that this is a first attempt before others call for mobilization: “The right symbol to remember today is that we say no to the exclusion of candidates. Laurent Gbagbo, Guillaume Soro, and also that we demand dissolution of this CEI, which is not credible. ”

To animate the meeting, the artists followed each other all morning in the presence of the PDCI Mayor of Cocody, Jean-Marc Yacé or the Deputy Secretary General of the FPI César Etou.

Some activists also wear a T-shirt that reads “United to save Ivory Coast”, accompanied by portraits of the two former presidents, side by side, Laurent Gbagbo (FPI) and Henri Konan Bédié (PDCI): “Since In 1999, Côte d’Ivoire lived only through war. And so in order for a change to take place, the opposition is coming together today. We want the reconciliation of the Ivorians. ”

Flopou start a long protest movement? The presidential election is expected in 35 days.


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