fear of a food crisis due to the war in

Following Covid-19, the Russian invasion of Ukraine poses a serious threat to the agricultural sector and the food supply of millions of people in Nigeria, especially in Lake Chad, which has been affected by the Boko Haram uprising for more than a decade. . Several players in the food sector raised their concerns this week in Lagos, at their annual forum.

as reported from Lagos, Liza Fabbian

Nigeria could face an “imminent” food crisis, potentially “as early as June”. At least that’s what businessman Aliko Dangote said this week in Lagos.

“Right now there are people exporting corn to earn foreign exchange, and I think we need to stop that,” said the Nigerian billionaire, who is proposing the government to ban exports, to promote domestic production.

Nigeria, a major producer … and importer These declarations have been widely circulated in Nigeria, where we are well aware of Aliko Dangote’s influence in these matters. Nigeria is Africa’s second largest maize producer, but demand continues to exceed supply in the country.

Nigeria also imported 98% of its wheat in 2020/2021, a commodity whose prices are currently exploding. Aliko Dangote also warned of a possible shortage of fertilizers, which could cause prices to jump and exacerbate inflation on food products, which already amounted to more than 17% in 2021.

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