demand a strike by tax officers,

Work is likely to be severely disrupted this Monday, March 22, in the tax, customs and Gabonese public treasuries. “No money, no work,” the Association of Financial Authorities Collectors (Fecorefi) decided this Friday, March 19th. They demand payment of the budget performance bonus that the government refuses to pay because, he says, the performance of these agents has been below expectations. The tax collectors have decided to engage in a resistance.

as reported from Libreville, Yves-Laurent Goma

“In these times of Covid-19 hitting our housewives’ basket hard, it would be smart to limit yourself to your home …” It is this slogan that the federation gave its members on Friday. She asks all agents not to come to work before the government pays the performance bonus for the month of February.

In early March, the customs authorities, the treasury, the oil and gas and tax officials were actually waiting for the payment of this bonus, making them the most spoiled officials in the republic. To their surprise, the government announced that under a new decree setting out the conditions for awarding this bonus, it was impossible to pay it because the targets were not met.

Anger at the agents who decided to stop everything. The government’s response, which relies on tax collectors ’work to rebuild its coffers, did not wait long. A first meeting took place on Friday between the two parties. But no agreement was reached.


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