concern about the international mission departing from Conakry

As part of the presidential election scheduled for October 18, a joint mission between diplomats and partners from Guinea left Conakry yesterday, Friday, after spending a few days there. The aim is to try to restore trust between all the actors involved in the electoral process, but also to look closely at the status of the preparations for an inclusive, fair and equitable vote.

At the end of their mission, envoys from the UN, the African Union and ECOWAS, despite their smiles, leave Conakry with some concern and not least.

“The Joint Mission expressed its deep concern at the lack of trust between the actors,” said General Francis Béhanzin, ECOWAS Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security and Spokesman for the Joint Mission. It strongly condemned the violence and hate speech with ethnic overtones, especially those that could encourage violence ”.

According to Kiridi Bangoura, Secretary-General of the Presidency, the mission leaves the assurance of the work done upstream of the transparency of the election. “The mission was reassured by the inclusion of this election and also the work done, which was praised by all at the case level and called on us to continue as a majority to assume our responsibilities in terms of justice for this vote.” .

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Opposition leader and candidate for the third time in a row,Cellou Dalein Diallo have other concerns. “As a graduate, I drew their attention to the harassment, persecution and defamation to which I am exposed. Because, as you know, Alpha Condé accuses me of preparing a plot. If, on the advice of my FNDC partners, I decided to go to the polls, it is because I am winning against Alpha Condé in the polls.

Two weeks before the vote, calls for calm across the country for non-violent elections on 18 October increase.


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