at least 37 civilians were killed

An attack by armed men on motorcycles took place on Monday 16 August in the village of Darey-Daye, in the Niger region of Tillabéri. More than 37 civilian victims will be lamented, including 4 women and 13 minors. An event that is not isolated in this region where the jihadists have experienced serious setbacks in recent months.

It was early in the afternoon, Monday, August 16, that residents of the village of Darey-Daye, about 300 kilometers north of Niamey, were surprised in their fields by a group of unidentified armed men, according to the report. Our correspondent in Niamey, Moussa Kaka. Several testimonies evoke attackers who arrived on motorcycles, who opened fire on everything moving, without distinction.

According to a provisional toll, 37 deaths are reported, including 13 minors and 4 women. The victims are mainly young people who have left the field for community service. Exactly one week ago, fifteen other farmers in the village of Falanzandan were killed by unidentified gunmen. “We do not know them. They come to make their attack, they shoot and they go “, testifies a local authority affiliated with RFI. “Lachose is unacceptable, the matter is very serious,” he protested. The armed bandits killed all the men in the village. On March 13, they killed 37 men. There was nothing left but the women and children. ”

Increasing insecurity According to him, women no longer want to go to the fields and people are likely to flee the village. “There is no way to move around there,” he continues. There is no food. They have to go from there, to go to Bani Bangou. I myself have no way of living there in the village. Because since this business started, I have moved. Give us military bases in the area. As long as these bases do not exist, people will not stay. “

In recent weeks, the situation in the northern part of the Tillabéri region, neighboring Mali, has only deteriorated, with attackers on motorcycles swarming everywhere despite a strong military presence. According to several observers, the jihadists are massacring more and more villagers since several of their senior leaders were neutralized by the Nigerian army and its partners. 420 civilians were killed in western Niger since the beginning of the year.

The same situation of growing uncertainty is observed in the Tilia area, the Tawa region where a few weeks ago a camp of Nigeria’s Special Forces was built by German cooperation.

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