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Here are the musical releases that make the news in Afro-Club, hit on turntables this week with Oudy 1er, Elow’n, Burna Boy & Stormzy, MPR, Stanley Enow, Tekno, finally Töme & Sean Kingston.

In Conakry we dance with Oudy 1s, so we do not draw a picture for you: Oudy 1s has just uploaded a clip where we dance. The one now called the President of the Indians is back a few months after his collaboration with the Congolese artist and member of the Extra Musica group, the legendary Roga Roga. The two artists threw the stories of social networks, which are just rumors. Now with On Dance he is signing his solo comeback after a complicated year due to Coronavirus. The Oudy 1s, who grew up between France, Ivory Coast and Guinea, is one of the heirs and avid defenders of the original coupe shift of Douk Saga. Ousmane Ziakiou Deen Camara in civil status, known as Oudy 1er, has a legal background and was model and DJ, the creator of the Tchoumakaya concept.

Abidjan vibrates gently Oh !! to the rhythm of the song by rapper Elow’n Founder of the Ivorian rap group Kiff No Beat, Elown has embarked on a solo project. Since the beginning of the year, he has regularly provided us with new releases. Let Oh !! is already his fourth performance after Demain Yapa Cours, Moon and C’estfant de qui. This time he is committed against domestic violence, specifically against women. N’wole Brice, whose real name was born on October 10, 1990 in Issia in western Côte d’Ivoire. Thanks to his father, a teacher, he spent his childhood traveling around the country, which would result in forging his general culture. He recently starred in Serge Beynaud’s EP trilogy alongside his sidekick Didi B about the title that got people dancing throughout the Mundala holiday.

Burna Boy and Stormzy portray a certain reality of Africans in the English diaspora in Real Life Burna Boy’s 5th album entitled Twice As Tall, produced in part by the American producer Diddy, has received critical acclaim. A warm welcome confirmed by the arrival online of his collaboration with the British rapper of Ghanaian origin Stormzy. Together they sing Real Life, which is the story of the complexity and disadvantages that young blacks experience in the UK. The two singers talk about the fragility between life and death, but also explain how crime and other figures reported by the media can affect people living in the affected neighborhoods. The clip directed by Meji Aladi accompanies another novelty, the one from Burna Boy’s cartoon titled The Secret Flame. The book, narrated by his grandfather Benson Idonije, follows Burna Boy on a spiritual journey of self-discovery, focusing on the moments that brought him to where he is today.

In the DRC, the MPR group takes us back to Zaire and its President Mobutu with Semeki. The duo MPR take their art to a higher level. Zozo and Yuma, who make up the successful Congolese duo, have not hesitated to mix rap with Congolese rumba since the success of their title Lobela Ye Français. And contrary to what the title indicates, they have made Lingala their trademark, forbidding themselves to rap in French so that their message reaches a wider audience. MPR moved to Semeki in Zaire in the 1970s. The dress style fits perfectly with Zairean music, and the facts of society are at the center of their demands. MPR wants to be in the educational spirit rather than festive. Mission accomplished. “Semeki” means “brother-in-law” or “sister-in-law” in Lingala. This issue is about the men and women who are constantly changing partners. MPR then wonders about the project that drives this regular versatility and how many times they will be called brother-in-law or sister-in-law. “You went out with a musician, a businessman, a professor, today you are in the arms of a politician. How many times are you called ” sister-in-law ” aunt?” can we listen in this song.

In Cameroon, the clock is required because you tell the time with Stanley Enow The Cameroonian rapper is back with an unreleased track almost a year after the release of his album Stanley VS Enow, where there was the Pan-African remix from his hit My Way with the Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz and Ivorian star Ariel Sheney. You’ll read the time really sounds like a homecoming for Stanley Enow, who had left rap to devote himself to African pop-vocal skill, much more selling. Although his album Stanley VS Enow was released on November 22, 2019, Stanley Enow has not been inactive. He was in concert at the Canal Olympia in Douala on 11 February 2020 and continued to promote his album despite the complications associated with Covid-19. Fans of the first hour will find in You Will Read Time, the spirit of Stanley Enow Hein Pere’s first success. Hopefully he also encounters the same success. Welcome back Stanley!

In Canada, Nigerian singer Töme invites Jamaican Sean Kingston to his reggae track I Pray. If you follow the Afro-Club regularly, you know for sure that Töme discovered in the April issue last year. The Nigerian-Canadian singer born in Montreal touched us with his dedicated track Free. The female issue is her struggle because Töme wants women to be more independent and gain confidence. A state of mind that we find in most of his texts. In her new song I Pray, the singer turns to God and asks him to lead her spirit through the shadow and valley of death, as she faces tribulations and enemies who wish her harm. . Sean Kingston is not too much to help him succeed. I pray, therefore, is a narrative story that demonstrates how miracles can happen under unprecedented circumstances. In the process, Töme published a French version of Je prie. Note that the clip was shot in Toronto without the presence of Sean Kingston, stranded in Miami due to travel restrictions associated with coronavirus.

In Nigeria, Afropop singer Tekno unveiled the explicit music video for PuTTin Alhaji Tekno has just surprised everyone with the release of the video for his latest title PuTTin. It must be said that the artist was not in the laces for this song, where sparsely dressed women swing to the tune of beatmaker Spax. You see, no half measure, the theme of the song (and the pictures) is sexually suggestive. Parental notice required. PuTTin follows Sudden and Kata, which came out in April last year. Last year, Tekno had already been heavily criticized after the broadcast of a video on the Internet in which he danced with half-naked women in a transparent van in Lagos. A video is considered scandalous, prompting local police to launch an indecent investigation. Tekno was then arrested and detained for 48 hours, after which he was asked for bail and public apology. Maybe that’s why he went to shoot PuTTin in the woods away from prying eyes.

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