The United States calls on Libya’s political actors to compromise

Libyan political actors must reach the compromise needed to meet the people’s expectations of justice and free elections, said the US Ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, on Tuesday.

Norland visited Egypt, Turkey and Morocco between August 10 and 16 and met with senior officials, according to a written statement from the US State Department.

Focusing on the urgency of defining the legal framework and constitutional basis needed for the December 24 parliamentary and presidential elections, Norland said that as a necessary step towards a stable, united and democratic Libya, prominent Libyan people must ensure necessary compromise to meet the people’s expectations of justice and free choice.

The Ambassador also emphasized that the continued development and stability of the political and security process in the country would lead to greater economic opportunities, foreign investment and the well – being of Libya.

Norland, who also met with Putin General Khalifa Haftar, the leader of the illegal armed forces in eastern Libya, in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, expressed US support for the Libyan people to elect their leaders through an open and democratic process.

The US ambassador to Libya on Friday paid a visit to Turkey for talks with top Turkish officials on increasing US support for Libya’s general elections to be held in December.

The envoy’s visit comes after Libyan delegates failed to reach an agreement for the December elections.

Libya has been plagued by civil war since the ouster of the late ruler Moammar Gadhafi in 2011.

On February 5, Libya’s rival political groups agreed during UN – mediated talks to form a temporary unity government to lead the country to elections in December.

On March 16, an elected transitional authority, consisting of a unity government and a presidential council, took on the task of leading the country through a transitional phase of parliamentary and presidential elections scheduled for December 24.


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