US Intelligence Reveals Potential Houthi-Al-Shabaab Arms Negotiation in Somalia

Somalia: US Intelligence Sniffs Out Potential Houthi-Al-Shabaab Gun Deal

MOGADISHU, Somalia (GO) – American spies have picked up chatter hinting that Yemen’s Houthis are chitchatting with Somalia’s al-Shabaab about swapping firepower. This risky affair may rock the region’s cradle, CNN reports.

Yankee authorities are on the hunt to see if any Houthi blasters have sneaked into Somalia, while also probing Iran’s shadowy role. Tehran is known to bankroll and arm the Houthis, sparking worries about a bigger game at play.

“We’re having some pretty hot talks with folks all around the Red Sea about this,” a high-ranking US official spilled to CNN, underscoring the gravity.

This arms swap is outlandish, given the chalk-and-cheese differences between the groups. The Houthis, Zaydi Shiites, and al-Shabaab, a die-hard Sunni crew, typically lock horns. Yet, a mutual beef with Uncle Sam seems to be the glue binding this oddball deal.

Officials fear the Houthis, who’ve been targeting merchant ships and US gear since the Gaza blow-up, might hand al-Shabaab high-tech armament. Al-Shabaab’s stash includes rockets and IEDs, but Houthi drones and missiles could turbocharge their mayhem.

Such a weapons barter could also fill the Houthis’ coffers, especially now, as Iran, their sugar daddy, seems weary of their brash moves. “Selling some guns could line their pockets nicely,” the senior insider commented.

This twist might jar the shaky truce between the Houthis and Saudi Arabia, standing since 2022, and throw a wrench into the UN’s peacemaking in Yemen.

US bigwigs have been ringing alarm bells with their regional pals, and African nations are feeling jittery. Christopher Anzalone, a scholar at Marine Corps University, remarked this deal shows realpolitik at play, with both sides shelving their doctrinal beef for tactical gain.

“Pragmatism is alive in both camps,” Anzalone added, stressing the potential fallout of this alliance.

As events unravel, the global village watches closely, bracing for what could be a gnarly spike in chaos affecting regional stability.


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