South West Troops Successfully Apprehend Al-Shabaab Leader in Covert Bay Region Mission

In Kunyabarow, South West State security forces triumphantly apprehended an Al-Shabaab official named Adan Mohamed Ali Dhayoow. Disguised in a Federal Government Army uniform, Dhayoow was armed and subsequently handed over to local security forces.

The capture of Dhayoow is just one in a series of actions aimed at rooting out Al-Shabaab militants in the Bay region. A dozen members of the group were recently seized in military operations in and around Baidoa, the interim headquarters of South West Somalia.

These operations signal a concerted effort to combat Al-Shabaab in the Bay and Bakool areas. Collaboration between the army, local inhabitants, and South West state security is pivotal in eradicating the militant group’s influence.

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