Somalia: Farmajo accused of “selling” soldiers to fight TPLF

Somalia: Farmajo accused of “selling” soldiers to fight TPLF in Tigray

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Outgoing Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has again come under pressure on a number of young people who are said to be training in Eritrea, following reports that they have participated in the Tigray war which has left thousands dead in the north. from Ethiopia.

A report filed by the UN rapporteur to the Red Sea nation suggested Somali soldiers training in Eritrea were seen in Axum with the Eritrean army as they crossed to Ethiopia. The team allegedly committed mass killings in the Tigray region.

With the devastating reports emerging about Somalis, a number of opposition leaders now want the government to shoulder its responsibilities in reporting on the missing youth, the exact number of which has yet to be established due to summary government information.

Former immediate president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said soldiers training in Eritrea may have been “sold” to Eritrea as part of a clandestine deal, adding that government leaders should speak publicly about the issue. fate of missing boys – dead or alive as part of the search for the truth.

“I say to former President Mohamed Farmajo and his team that you can no longer hide the fact that young people have been sent to Eritrea from the Somali people,” said Sheikh Mohamud, who is one of the main candidates for the election. presidential election in the next elections.

“The leaders are the ones who face the people and tell them the truth even if it is bitter. Bring the boys back,” the former president added, arguing that the government owes the parents answers from the missing soldiers for the sake of the peace and stability.

Axadlehas reported extensively on the issue since it first surfaced, with numerous debates and discussions on the Twitter space inviting politicians, MPs, the former Minister of Security and officials including the Senator Abshir Ahmed and Abdisalam Guled who know about this affair which has affected all Somalis.

Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, another former president, also called on the government to shoulder its responsibilities by providing the public with information on the plight of young people, who allegedly traveled to Eritrea in 2019 following an agreement between Mogadishu and Asmara.

“We call for an independent investigation into the fate of these young people and urge the Somali government to respond to the appeals of the parents of the missing children,” Sheikh Ahmed responded to the UN report on Somali soldiers fighting in Tigray.

Investigations by various independent media indicate that the young soldiers were visited by Farmajo in Eritrea in the past year. The report comes amid reports of gross human rights violations in the Tigray region where Eritrean soldiers are believed to have participated directly.



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