Somali Support for AUC Nomination Thwarts Kenya’s Diplomatic Efforts on Behalf of Raila Odinga

In a heated competition, Fiqi raised concerns about Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga, accusing him of supporting Somalia’s division in the past. Fiqi stressed the importance of Somali unity behind Adan. Fiqi’s comments come amidst rumors of diplomatic talks, with Kenya reportedly pushing for Somalia to withdraw its nomination in favor of Odinga, who is vying for the East African Community’s endorsement.

Despite Kenya’s efforts, Somalia enjoys support from nearly 30 African nations in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), indicating strong regional backing for Adan’s candidacy. This alliance could be crucial as the AUC elections approach, scheduled for February 2025 at the 38th AU Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The race for the AU chairmanship coincides with East Africa’s turn to nominate candidates, a policy designed to ensure regional diversity. With her vast diplomatic experience and a platform centered on African unity and sustainable progress, Adan is seen as a transformative force in Somali politics and a significant figure on the global stage.

Meanwhile, Djibouti has joined the competition by nominating seasoned diplomat Mahmoud Ali Youssouf as its candidate, adding to the regional rivalry. As the election nears, the political landscape in the East African bloc will likely influence the African Union’s leadership, marking a crucial moment for regional collaboration and progress.

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