Seized: Subpar Flour Intercepted by Somalia Officials at Mogadishu Port

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Dumped at the port of Mogadishu in Somalia on May 15, 2024, there was a shipment of subpar flour. The Somali authorities caught the unknown quantity of substandard flour that arrived at the port.

This contraband was discovered in numerous containers held at the port, failing to pass the quality standards set by the Somali Bureau of Standards. The Bureau exposed that the goods were damp and had excessive moisture content, making them unsuitable for consumption.

The Somali Bureau of Standards, in charge of ensuring product quality and consumer safety, publicized the confiscation. The agency is responsible for various tasks like standardization, metrology, and assessing conformity. They are currently setting up checkpoints at key entry points in the country.

Back in August 2023, importers were instructed by the Bureau to obtain conformity certificates before importing any goods into Somalia. This was part of an effort to comply with global quality regulations for trading. In a memo circulated in August 2023, the Bureau made it clear that importers must provide evidence of conformity with their shipments.

Although the agency did not disclose the identities of the importers or the source of the substandard goods.

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