Sanbalolshe Institutes Overhaul at Somalia’s Intelligence Agency: New Leadership brings change

Somalia’s intelligence agency, NISA, is undergoing a significant overhaul as the new director, Abdullahi Sanbalolshe, makes key leadership changes to strengthen the organization in the face of security challenges.

The reshuffle includes the appointment of Muhiyidin Warbac as the new deputy director, bringing his expertise in counterterrorism to enhance strategic objectives. Abdifitah Shawe has been named head of the Benadir region, focusing on improving security in Mogadishu. Abdikadir Hayow is the new head of security at the Adan Abdulle International Airport, tasked with overseeing operations to strengthen security measures.

These changes come at a critical time for Somalia to address security threats posed by groups like al-Shabaab. The new leadership aims to work collaboratively with other agencies and international partners to boost security and intelligence capabilities. The nation looks forward to the positive impact of the new team in enhancing security and stability, marking a new chapter in NISA’s history.

By Garowe Online.

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