Michelle Bachelet says she is “deeply concerned”

Temporarily, Ethiopia voted for the first time since 2018 when the 47th session of the UN Human Rights Council opened in Geneva at the same time. And Tigray, a region in northern Ethiopia, was invited to the July 13 debates.

as reported from Nairobi,Sebastien nemeth

The Ethiopian authorities want to succeed in their choices at all costs. But Addis Ababa is mentioned again by the Tigrayan file. This time, in the heart of the UN’s highest human rights body.

At the opening of the session, Michelle Bachelet said she was “deeply concerned” about human rights violations in Tigray. The High Commissioner condemned “civil executions”, “arbitrary arrests and detentions”, “sexual violence including children” or even “forced relocation”. However, Chile’s former president took care to specify that each camp had committed abuse.

Ethiopian justice announced that about fifty soldiers were charged with rape or murder. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed promised that criminals would be held accountable. But for now, the legal process remains opaque, while no Eritrean soldier has been involved so far.

A report is expected in August

Michelle Bachelet also quoted “credible reports” that showed that Asmara’s soldiers were still in Tigray “and continued to violate human rights”, while the Ethiopian authorities have repeatedly promised their departure.

The High Commissioner finally announced that the inquiry carried out jointly by the UN and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission would be published in August. A report awaited by the international community.

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