MLS announces new expansion league for 2022

Major League Soccer has announced its plans to start a new professional football league in 2022 with the aim of completing a player’s path to professional football.

The league is also meant to redirect excitement and excitement to cities that currently do not have a professional football team nearby.

The new format will initially consist of 20 clubs along with the potential for independently owned teams. The inauguration will start at the end of March 2022 and end with the playoffs in the fall and a championship match in early December, which mimics Major League Soccer.

Official names, logos and participating teams will be revealed soon, while the application process for expansion clubs is planned to be presented during the year, according to the MLS website.

MLS Chairman and Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott recently released a statement describing the excitement and passion behind the project.

A new league to complete the player path from @MLSNEXT to MLS.

Coming 2022.

– Major League Soccer (@MLS) June 21, 2021

“We are excited to launch a new league to complete the professional path between our academies and the MLS first team,” Abbott said in a league solution.

“In addition to providing more opportunities for MLS players of caliber, the new league will develop a diverse pool of talent of coaches, referees and front-line managers while attracting fans who previously could not support a local club in their hometown.”

The league will provide the crucial bridge between academia and professional football for individuals, accelerating the development of talent through a competitive environment as opposed to the traditional training method. Given that 20 percent of MLS slot machines are currently occupied by home-grown athletes, this new league offers an opportunity for that number to expand and more academy players get the chance to thrive professionally.

This new opportunity exists to meet the growing demand and interest in professional football teams around the country. As the popularity of football increases in the United States and MLS continues to expand into cities, the new league provides more opportunities for local fans.

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