Galmudug Pledges Firm Accountability Following Fatal Clan Disputes in Galgaduud

Minister of Security, Mohamed Abdi Aden Gaboobe, revealed that culprits have been pinpointed and will face justice. He decried the escalating clan skirmish.

His statement came after ferocious combat erupted in Laandheer, resulting in casualties among security forces sent to quell the feud. Minister Gaboobe made it clear that the conflict, driven by a land dispute over empty terrain, is unacceptable. He promised that those entangled in this dispute will be brought to justice.

Following the upheaval, the Somali government commanded its security units and the Galmudug authorities to step in and offer a rapid resolution. The feuding clans hail from Cabudwaaq and Xeraale, with hot tempers flaring over land.

The latest edict from the Galmudug leadership seeks to quash the violence and restore tranquility to the region.

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