Faysal Ali Warabe Cautions North Western of Somalia Authorities on Potential Election Chaos

Warabe sounded the alarm about a fresh gadget being proposed for the elections, suggesting it might cause delays. He shot a stern caution to President Muse Bihi Abdi, stressing the need to sidestep any snags.

“On November 13, if the election takes place on December 13, that seat will be empty, and we shall conduct the second Borama meeting. You either proceed with an election or face the people’s ballot,” Warabe declared.

He slammed the rollout of new voting gear, as stated by Minister Buuni, alleging the Electoral Commission and the government were privy to the equipment but reacted poorly once it became public knowledge.

“There’s no need for these actions. We’ll use what we have. Minister Buuni should be thankful for disclosing the information. Why are you informing him of what you told us?” Warabe queried.

Moreover, Warabe blamed the Kulmiye and Waddani parties for fueling North Western of Somalia’s political mess, noting that both parties’ leaders emerged from Kulmiye and are sowing discord.

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