Commission Delivers Directives to Quell Violent Tribal Feud in North Galgaduud

The latest decrees zero in on the tussle in Landhere, nestled between the towns of Aabudwaq and Herale, smack dab in the heart of Galgaduud. Stuff has gotten gnarly, with heaps of folks losing their lives and infrastructure taking a nosedive.

Galmudug’s Information Minister, Abshir Sheikhow, spilled the beans to the press about the committee’s marching orders: those duking it out need to bolster the ceasefire and hightail it to their assigned spots.

The committee also put forth a stern ultimatum to the politicos, demanding they ditch any shenanigans that might stir up more trouble for their own hustle. They hammered home the crucial need to keep the peace and dodge ramping things up any further.

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