Clan Conflict in Middle Shabelle Claims Life of Somali Police Chief

Juqlawe’s demise was announced by General Zakiya Hussein, the second-in-command of the police force. He lost his life trying to negotiate peace among warring factions in the tumultuous Adale District, a region notorious for persistent clan-driven skirmishes.

“May the Almighty show us mercy. This morning, Abdulkadir Mohamed Hashi Juqlawe, who led the Dervish Police Union in Middle Shabelle, was slain amid efforts to defuse a violent clash between antagonistic groups,” Hussein shared on social media. She remembered Juqlawe as a committed enforcer who frequently stepped into volatile situations aiming to curb further bloodshed.

Under Juqlawe’s steerage, significant strides were made towards stabilizing Middle Shabelle, a hotspot for incessant militia clashes. In response to the relentless strife, the central government recently bolstered the local law enforcement presence, dispatching extra squads to try and stem the tide of ongoing clan violence that has devastated countless lives.

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