investigations are multiplied to 13 years of death

In the Central African Republic, the deaths of at least 13 civilians on Wednesday, July 21, near Bossangoa, continue to worry. Since the tragedy, the local departments of the UN Police and the Human Rights Section in Minusca have been working hard and conducting hearings. After accusing the rebel coalition in the CPC, the government sent a delegation of ministers there.

as reported from Bangui, Carol Valade

A delegation of ministers went there and announced, when it returned, the “imminent” establishment of a commission of inquiry after appointing as responsible for the rebel coalition in the CPC, indictment disproved by the latter.

Serge Ghislain Djorie, Prime Minister, now speaks of “banditry”: “I think it is motorway robbers who have killed our countrymen. How do you expect it to be a crime without any trace of a bullet? This is what we found: there is no drop of blood when the bodies were thrown into a ditch. “This statement contradicts the information gathered so far from independent sources.

A third commission of inquiry could also see the light of day, “said Matthieu Simplice Sarandji, President of the National Assembly.

On 4 May, the Minister of Justice announced the establishment of a special commission of inquiry following allegations of serious human rights violations attributed to Faca and their allies. This committee has only ten days left to draw its conclusions.

According to confirming sources, the 13 victims, but who could be more, were young traders who were traveling by motorcycle to the Kouki market when they were killed.


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