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more than 61 years after his death, the funeral of Patrice

More than 61 years after his death, the remains of Patrice Lumumba will be buried this Thursday, June 30, 2022, Independence Day. The culmination of a more than ten-day memorial service that began in Brussels with Belgium delivering a tooth attributed to the former Congolese Prime Minister, held during all these years by a Belgian police force. From our special correspondent in Kinshasa, On Wednesday, the remains were taken to the Palais de la Nation for a ceremony of very symbolic significance. It was in this room,…

four police officers were arrested after the young man’s death

Five people, including four police officers, were arrested a week after the death of Thierno Mamadou Diallo. The young man died alongside a spontaneous demonstration against rising fuel prices. Since the weekend, the president of Conakry's Court of Appeal has organized several meetings with the press to provide real-time information on the investigation's progress. According to the latest information, 5 people, 4 police officers from the anti-criminal brigade and a gendarme were arrested. They were patrolling the…

Guinea: against initiating an investigation into the death of a

The Attorney General of Conakry promised an investigation to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of a young Guinean. He also warned of any political "recovery" during the funeral, which was originally scheduled for Monday, but was postponed indefinitely. Thierno Mamadou Diallo, 19, was killed on Wednesday during clashes between security forces and protesters protesting against rising fuel prices. According to his relatives, he did not participate in the demonstrations.

Mogadishu mayor’s bodyguard shot and killed by soldier after battle

Mogadishu (AX) - A particular bodyguard from the mayor of Mogadishu, Omar Mohamed Muhamud Filish, was shot and killed by one other authorities soldier in Mogadishu on Saturday. According to an eyewitness, Hussein Abukar Noor was killed close to the port after an altercation. The command of the Somali police power has not but revealed any particulars concerning the officer's demise, though sources point out that an investigation is underway. It is unclear whether or not the soldier who killed Hussein Abukar was…

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