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After Nine Years, Martial Decides to Leave Man Utd: A Farewell from Old Trafford

Anthony Martial is bidding farewell to Manchester United after a fruitful nine-year stint. The French striker will be leaving Old Trafford at the end of June when his contract expires. Martial announced his departure on social media, confirming that he will not be a part of the Red Devils for the upcoming season. His time at United saw him score 90 goals, but injuries hampered his recent performances, with his last appearance dating back to December's loss to Bournemouth. The 28-year-old expressed gratitude to the fans for…

North Western of Somalia proudly marks 33 years of Independence with self-proclaimed status

North Western of Somalia recently marked 33 years since declaring independence with lively celebrations in various regions. President Muse Bihi Abdi, along with opposition leaders and officials, attended the main event in Hargeisa. President Bihi emphasized that North Western of Somalia's separation from Somalia is unique and not a secession as commonly misunderstood in Africa. He criticized Somalia for misrepresenting the recent agreement with Ethiopia over the leased coastline area near Berbera. President Bihi highlighted…

North Western of Somalia Celebrates 33 Years of Independence from Somalia

In North Western of Somalia, May is a significant month as it marks the country's independence from Somalia. The journey to independence began in 1960 when the nation gained freedom from the United Kingdom.Millions in North Western of Somalia and abroad are expected to join in the May 18th celebrations to commemorate the decision made at the 1991 Burao Conference to reclaim North Western of Somalia's statehood. This pivotal moment united representatives from all corners of North Western of Somalia.Despite facing challenges,…

70-Year-Old Sentenced to Seven Years for Financing al-Shabab by Mogadishu Court

Mogadishu (AX) - A 70-year-old man in Mogadishu was given a seven-year prison sentence and a $3,000 fine by the Banadir regional court on Thursday for funding al-Shabab through money laundering. Ali Hussein Isaac, the elderly individual in question, was accused of transferring $500,000 from his personal account to al-Shabab members. Saleh Daban, the chairman of the Banadir regional court, disclosed that the punishment was split into two parts: four years for funding the group and three years for the money laundering…

Thirty years of democracy in South Africa: The rule of law

On April 27, 1994, all South Africans were urged to join the first free elections. Nelson Mandela was set to win, marking the end of the apartheid regime. A new Constitution would then be drafted, safeguarding all South Africans and hailed as the most forward-thinking in Africa. This foundational law is upheld by the Constitutional Court, a significant landmark in downtown Johannesburg and in the hearts of its residents.

Guinea-Bissau: Veteran Mario Cissoko Shares Insights 50 Years Later

On April 25, 1974, young captains rebelled in Portugal, overthrowing the Salazar dictatorship and paving the way for African colonies independence. However, many are unaware that it was African freedom fighters who wore down the Portuguese colonial army and triggered the April captains' uprising in Lisbon. Mario Cissoko was one of them.

France celebrates 60 years of Algerian independence

France commemorates on Saturday the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Evian agreements which recognized the independence of Algeria during a ceremony at the Élysée. The bilateral relationship over the decades that followed was marked by episodes of turbulence and rapprochement. In the 60 years since Algeria gained independence from France, it has gone through multiple crises with…

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