five gendarmes released pending their pay and

In Gabon, two months after they were released from prison, the five gendarmes released in the case of the coup attempt led by parts of the Republican Guard in 2019 are demanding that they be rehabilitated. Their salaries have been reduced for thirty months. And they have not been able to return to work yet. This weekend, the parents of these gendarmes, together, decided to launch an SOS in the direction of President Ali Bongo.

as reported from Libreville, Yves-Laurent Goma

Due to their military status, the five gendarmes are not allowed to speak to the press. That is why Yolande Avomo, the president of the parents’ collective, is speaking. She describes a difficult situation for these soldiers.

“They are still living miserably. They are family fathers, they are the pillars of their families. If a pillar can not buy a piece of bread, then who should buy the bread for the whole family? ”

On January 7, 2019, these gendarmes were on duty at the radio house in Libreville, when around 03.00 a command of elements from the Republican Guard kept them in check. The gendarme is forced to cooperate. One of them will even be killed in the attack to prevent the coup. The five gendarmes were arrested and then thrown in jail and spent twenty-nine months behind bars before being found not guilty by a court-martial.

And today they feel forgotten, the president of the collective explains.

“These children are asking the president to arrest the gendarmerie and [fasse, NDLR] regardless of what is required for them to be reintroduced and their 30-month salary to be paid. “

Contacted, the authorities have not yet responded to this call from the families.


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