in Djenné thousands of people demonstrated their

This city in the middle of the country is tired of the terrorist attacks.

as reported from Bamako, Kaourou Magassa

Usually quiet, the streets of Djenné were troubled this Sunday. Banners showing “support for the defense and security forces and calls for security for people and property” are waved by a compact crowd to the sound of vuvuzelas. According to the organizers of the demonstration, more than 3,000 people from across the district responded to the call from ordinary and administrative authorities. According to them, Djenné has registered more than a hundred deaths and thefts of thousands of cattle since April.

Originally from the area and former deputy for Djenné, Baber Gano, one of the organizers of the event, explains: “If we do not resolve the issue of uncertainty, nothing is possible and can not be done in Djenné. The people are very worried about the outrage of this security crisis. It has seen a significant increase in recent times. ”

In the Djenné circle, some areas are marshy and can be flooded during the rainy season. Mobility decreases and the villages are difficult to reach with heavy equipment. The patrols of the security forces are fighting to alleviate the terrorist pressure and leaving the population to its fate.

“It should still be understood that defense and security cannot be outsourced. So if the state is really absent, its people are obliged to really take up arms to defend themselves. So every time we see that there is self-defense so we would like to create a new permanent security post to be able to respond to its jihadist attacks. ”

According to local authorities, the fighting between jihadists and groups of Dozo hunters, in addition to a hundred deaths, has forced more than 270 households to flee their fields and pastures. Families deprived themselves of their food at a time when the winter season is still favorable for agriculture.


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