almost 11,000 new refugees in Chad

Almost 11,000 refugees from Cameroon have arrived in Chad in the city of Oundouma. Clashes between communities that started last week in northeastern Cameroon have forced many civilians to flee.

The latest report from these clashes shows at least 12 dead and 48 injured in Cameroon and therefore thousands of displaced people have arrived on the Chadian side since August 11. Aristophane Ngargoune, UNHCR spokesman in Ndjamena, takes stock of the situation.

Aristophane Ngargoune, UNHCR spokesman in Ndjamena

These refugees who have crossed, they are about 80-85% women and children. Most are host families, Chadian families. Others are housed in schools and public buildings in the village of Oundouma. Most of them were surprised by the uncertainty. They arrived without luggage, without administrative documents, without official documents. They came because they wanted to find refuge. It is currently the rainy season in Chad, which makes the situation even more complex, although Aristophane Ngargoune says the UNHCR and the Chadian government are succeeding in meeting them. Initial needs of refugees.

Difficulties certainly exist, but the UNHCR in the forefront with its partners and the Chadian government is already primarily trying to meet the original needs by putting on these asylum seekers’ bracelets, offering them hot meals and at the same time ensuring the protection of all these asylum seekers who are about 11,000.

# Cameroon?? Clashes caused by a territorial conflict between Arab shepherds and fishermen in the Mousgoum ethnic group have left several dead and displaced. More than 10,000 refugees are welcomed in Oundouma (#Chad??) on the Logone River.

– tchadinfos (@tchadinfos) August 16, 2021


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