after the pollution of rivers in the south, the parliament

This week, the Deputy Prime Minister with responsibility for the environment and sustainable development must explain himself to the National Assembly. Ève Bazaïba must not only present the current knowledge about the origin and extent of the pollution, but also the measures that the government is implementing and planning.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

At the end of July, the rivers Tshikapa, Kasai, Fimi and Kwilu turned reddish. Fish and hippos were found dead there. According to the authorities, this pollution is due to the activity in a diamond mine in Angola from which Tshikapa originates.

After spillage of toxic substances, many questions remain. MPs are worried. The deputies who are members of the environmental committee in the lower house of parliament have sent letters to the government.

According to Dhédhé Mupasa, the committee’s rapporteur, they hope to get an answer during the hearing of Eve Bazaïba, the Deputy Prime Minister for the Environment on Tuesday.

“We are afraid that there will be epidemics. These rivers cross the provinces of Kasai, Kwilu or Mai Ndombe. Kinshasa is not saved. What are the toxic materials? What is its toxicity? What are the consequences for the human body? What about biodiversity? “

Two million people exposed to the risk of pollution According to the government, the first samples are being examined. And humanitarian missions and diplomacy will be deployed this week, said Deputy Prime Minister Ève Bazaïba.

“For Angola, there is me and my colleague from foreign affairs. It is a joint mission with Angolan experts. Everything is almost ready, we are waiting for the composition of the Angolan team. For the humanitarian mission, four ministries are involved. It will be a mission beyond the humanitarian. We do not know how long the population will be deprived of access to rivers. ”

Congo Basin Water Resources Research Center has sounded the alarm. Two million people would be exposed to the risk of pollution.


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