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Somalia and UN Commit to Advancing Sustainable Food Systems

"Investing smartly in agriculture is key to ensuring food and nutrition security in Somalia," declared Agriculture Minister Mohamed Abdi Hayir in Mogadishu. Committed, Hayir emphasized, his ministry's vital role will persist, leveraging partnerships to deliver efficient, effective services to Somali farmers. Several stakeholders gathered for a meeting on the joint resilience program. Participants included senior government officials, farmer cooperatives, state representatives, and local partners. They all actively engaged…

Staying Focused: Spain Urged to Prioritize Football at Euro 2024 – Insights from De la Fuente

Spain's head coach Luis de la Fuente is urging his team to stay focused on Euro 2024 amidst the turmoil at the RFEF. Since the dismissal of former RFEF president Luis Rubiales, who was sacked after an incident involving an unsolicited kiss on Jenni Hermoso at the Women's World Cup, trouble has continued to brew. Recently, Rubiales was arrested in an alleged corruption scandal, leading to further scrutiny on the organization. Pedro Rocha, the proposed replacement for Rubiales, has also come under suspicion as part of the…

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