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what possibilities for Khalifa Haftar, the fellow

Marshal Khalifa Haftar, a strongman in eastern Libya, has been weakened since the summer of 2020 after failing to seize the capital Tripoli, trying to impose another on the Libyan political scene. After his appearance a few days ago, in military fatigue in the midst of his forces, it was in civilian clothes that he turned, on…

Khalifa Haftar, his son Saddam and the gold smuggler

Marshal Khalifa Haftar's private plane landed in Istanbul twice in July last year. The Falcon 900 also landed during the same period in Abu Dhabi and then at the private Emirati airport Al Batine, reserved for business people. This private jet attracts the attention of "flight tracking" enthusiasts who monitor flights in real time and track their movements. Usually this plane is used by Marshal Khalifa Haftar, but more often and more it is used by his relatives for human trafficking and money laundering. This episode in…

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