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Chad: Opponent Saleh Kebzabo calls for “union

Saleh Kebzabo was minister during Idriss Deby's presidency in the late 1990s, before becoming one of his main opponents for the past two decades. He had chosen to boycott the presidential election on April 11, which he described as an "election finding". He is a guest at RFI. .

Domicile for combatants Saleh Kebzabo and Succès

In Chad, tensions appear to be rising on Friday, April 2, more than a week before the first round of presidential elections. The home of opponent Saleh Kebzabo, who withdrew his candidacy against outgoing President Idriss Déby Itno, who was vying for a sixth term, was surrounded by police and security forces. as reported from…

opponent Saleh Kebzabo condemns the ban

Chadian opponent Saleh Kebzabo, who is fighting for a boycott of the April 11 presidential election, plans to hold a large rally on a vacant lot in front of his home in Ndjamena on Friday. The gathering was banned on behalf of government delegates to the capital. Saleh Kebzabo condemns a violation of his rights, remains and signs.…

Kebzabo urges opposition candidates to

The presidential election will take place on April 11. Idriss Déby Itno is running for a 6th term. Opponent Saleh Kebzabo reiterated during a press conference on Friday, March 19, that he was not a candidate for this election and also called on the other candidates to resign. A call to which the ruling party immediately responded.…

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