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Guinea: “The junta is playing for time to stay in power

Many voices have been raised after the suppression of recent demonstrations in Guinea. Civil society organizations and political parties have expressed their disapproval. But they are suspending any march for two weeks to give the West African mediation a chance What are these organizations asking for? What state of mind are they in? Interview with Étienne Soropogui, one of the leaders of "Forces vives de la nation".

Mali’s ruling junta suspends all UN peacekeeping rotations

In tonight's edition: Mali ends rotations of UN peacekeepers from the organization's MINUSMA mission. Five former members of the Gambia Intelligence Agency have been sentenced to death for the 2016 murder of a political activist called Solo Sandeng. And three years after the launch of a groundbreaking pilot program for the world's first malaria vaccine, Africa is frustrated that more vaccines are not yet available.

junta sets two years deadline before civilians return

The decree, signed by the junta's chief, Colonel Assimi Goïta, was read out on Malay state television on Monday night and imposed very harsh sanctions on Bamako. "The duration of the transition is set at 24 months, (from) March 26, 2022", according to the decree signed by the head of the junta Assimi Goïta and which is read on state television this Monday night. The junta is giving itself up until March 2024 to return power to civilians. The message surprised Bamako. Even government ministers have privately entrusted…

critical speeches towards the junta take on

In Mali, Imam Mahmoud Dicko's supporters are increasingly critical of the junta. Their mentor had set the tone in the Malian capital on Thursday by addressing the authorities in the transition, which he had publicly described as "arrogant". Several political…

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