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Former rise up chief Baba Laddé joins the president

In Chad, former rebel Abdelkader Baba Laddé announced on Thursday, April 1, that he had joined the head of state, Idriss Déby. The rebel leader, who has disappeared from the radar since he was released from prison, appeared in a meeting with the Chadian president in Bongor in the south of the country. Abdelkader Baba Laddé,…

Somali opposition joins federal states to

Somali opposition is teaming up with federal states to form a national salvation council MOGADISHU, Somalia - Opposition candidates in Somalia are working with some federal Member States to declare the formation of a National Salvation Council on Thursday. The NSC elected a board of directors consisting of Senate Speaker Abdi Hashi, former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and the…

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