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Somalia extends heartfelt condolences following tragic helicopter crash resulting in the death of Iran president

Sending condolences, Somalia comforts Iran as President dies in helicopter crash. Prayers go out to passengers. Unfortunately, no survivors as rescue teams reach crash site. Foreign Ministry expresses concern. Expressing solidarity with Iran, Somalia wishes safety for President Raisi and delegation. Iran confirms President's death. Search in harsh conditions, helicopter completely burned in crash. President returning from ceremony, believed to have crashed due to bad weather. My best, Garowe Online.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi tragically perishes in helicopter accident at age 63

Iran has lost President Ebrahim Raisi in a tragic helicopter crash in a mountainous area due to poor weather conditions. Raisi, a key figure in Iranian conservative politics, served as president for almost three years and was likely to run for re-election. Born in Mashhad, a significant religious center in northeastern Iran, Raisi received religious training in Qom under notable scholars, much like Ayatollah Khamenei. He was recognized as a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad, denoted by his black turban, similar to the…

Kenya Appoints Fresh Defense Leader Following Tragic Helicopter Accident

Kahariri previously acted as deputy to Ogolla, 62, the former Chief of Defense Forces for nearly 40 years.Before joining the Kenya Defense Forces in 1987, Kahariri was a deputy commander in the Kenya Navy.Over three decades, he climbed the ranks, showcasing his talents and skills, earning the admiration of many.With a family of three, Kahariri played a significant role in Kenya's mission into Somalia in 2011.This operation aimed to drive out Al-Shabaab militants who had abducted four foreigners, causing a stir.During the…

Kenya grieves loss of defense chief and soldiers who died in helicopter accident

Kenya mourns as it investigates helicopter crash that killed its defence chief and nine other senior officers. In the Sahel, cocaine seizures have increased from tens of kilos in 2020 to over a ton in recent years, prompting the UN to issue a warning about the impact of drug trafficking on security and development in the region. South Africa is seeing a rise in political satire before upcoming elections, with well-known cartoonists like Nathi Ngubane and Zapiro leading the charge.

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