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In Chad, art therapy workshops to help children

The Sakhafa artists' collective organized art therapy sessions at a specialized school in Chad's capital, Ceser. Still not widespread on the continent, this support allows children living with physical or mental disabilities to stimulate their senses and express their emotions through their artistic productions. The professional artist Kirdissa and three other painters, including an art therapist, are trying to popularize this method.

medical trainees on strike for a pay rise

The medical college students' union introduced on Friday, July 1, that the trainees at the moment are on strike indefinitely. The latter demand an enhance of their wage, the compensation they obtain throughout their internships. While the Malagasy president…

low cost breast implants to assist girls

In Uganda, ten-dollar breast prostheses: that is the work completed by a corporation of breast most cancers survivors. The purpose is to assist girls settle for their illness and resume their lives after a mastectomy, in a rustic the place entry to a…

how to promote African research better?

At the World Conference on Integrity in Research, held earlier this month in South Africa, researchers from the continent called for more equality in scientific collaborations between Africa and the West. According to them, some bad practices still remain.…

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