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ECOWAS virologists meet to prepare for

A meeting of the WHO Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization is scheduled for Thursday 21 July to address monkeypox. This infectious disease, which is characterized by the appearance of a rash, continues to develop in the United States and Europe.…

WHO raises alarm over increase in epidemics

In ten years, the number of cases of these diseases of animal origin that can be transmitted to humans, such as monkey pox, has increased by 63% compared to the previous decade. The number of cases is likely to increase due to population growth. "We must act now to prevent Africa from becoming the epicenter of emerging infectious diseases," the World Health Organization said this Thursday, July 14, during an online conference. At least 75% of new infectious diseases are caused by pathogens of animal origin. Viral…

Anemia in Ivory Coast: symptoms of a system of

In Côte d'Ivoire, doctors and patients regularly encounter difficulties in obtaining blood bags. The country is experiencing a structural shortage of hemoglobin, which reaches critical levels during school holidays. Every year, patients die after families or medical teams have failed to find blood for the time needed. There are no official figures on the number of deaths attributable to this failure. (Replay)

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