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Challenging to understand: The negative aspects of cashew nut cultivation in Kenya in English

The global demand for cashew nuts is rapidly increasing. Cashews are consumed worldwide as snacks, dairy alternatives, and ingredients in cooking. Kenya is making efforts to revive the cashew nut industry in the Kilifi coastal region, once a major producer. However, some women in certain factories are exposed to hazardous working conditions. Olivia Bizot, our correspondent, has more details on the situation.

Rwanda’s Hope Hostel designated to accommodate migrants expelled from UK in English

In this episode, Eye on Africa explores the Hope Hostel in Kigali, where Rwanda is accommodating migrants deported from Britain. The first batch may arrive in a few months under a contentious policy. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe cracks down on black market money traders to stabilize the recently introduced Zig currency. Plus, we delve into the increasing presence of women in the Egyptian rap scene.

the English Government’s risky venture

On Monday 19 July, the last health restrictions in England will be lifted. Ironically, Boris Johnson and his economy minister are forced into isolation. They were in contact with the Minister of Health, who has just tested positive. as reported from London, Marie BoëdaDo what I say, not what I do. The phrase almost dressed…

The UN’s new concerns for the English – speaking regions

A meeting was planned in Central Africa on Wednesday at the UN. Many members of the Security Council are concerned about the lack of commitment by national authorities to the English-speaking regions. as reported from New York,Carrie NootenThe UN Special Representative for Central Africa returned from Cameroon very worried a…

Assaults on colleges are growing within the English areas of Cameroon

Following the capturing that killed eight college students within the city of Kumba ten days in the past, 4 extra assaults occurred on Tuesday and Wednesday with out casualties. On Wednesday night time, November 4, the federal government condemned these "disagreeable and cowardly" actions aimed toward "deterring mother and father from sending their youngsters to high school and creating psychosis inside…

Cameroon: Prohibited English?

In the two English-speaking regions of southern Cameroon, the country's regular army has been fighting the armed groups in an asymmetric war for the past three years. In October 2017, English-speaking separatists declared an outbreak state known as "Ambazonia". The armed uprising has turned into a guerrilla war that kills thousands of people, displaces nearly 700,000 more and leaves millions of civilians captured. FRANCE 24 gives you a rare glimpse of one of Africa's forgotten humanitarian tragedies. .

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