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Russia’s Wagner is pressing Libya’s southern tribes

Russia's Wagner group is increasingly pushing tribes in southern Libya to support Putist general Khalifa Haftar as the latter declines with Libya embarking on a new political path towards normalization and ending the country's decadelong war. Sources on the ground told the Daily Sabah that the Wagner group is trying to help Haftar through pressing tribes that want to support the newly elected government of national unity (GNU). Sources stressed that Wagner used the argument to fight Daesh when he…

The Russian Wagner Group sends 300 Syrian fighters

Russia's Wagner group is preparing to send 300 Syrian fighters from Bashar Assad's regime-controlled Deir el-Zour to fight alongside Libyan putsch general Khalifa Haftar, security sources said on Monday. Sources told the Daily Sabah that the new Syrian mercenary group consists of fighters loyal to the regime, Iran-backed foreign groups and volunteers from Assad's army. The group is currently training in Syria and will be sent to eastern Libya's Benghazi towards the end of April. Sources said that the…

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