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DRC: Cobalt, artisanal mining cooperatives

Within the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the precept of a monopoly on the acquisition of artisanal cobalt granted to the overall cobalt firm EGC shares artisanal mining cooperatives within the Katanga area. For some, this precept dangers suffocating them. For the others, this monopoly from ECG, a public firm, will make it doable to clear the provision chain for this strategic mineral. These…

DRC: artisanal malachite cutters risk disappearing

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the city of Lubumbashi, called the Copper City of the DRC, is also known for its malachite artwork, ornaments and jewelry. This green stone is a derivative of copper. The city has a dozen craft workshops that employ hundreds of people. But only now, since the liberalization of the mining sector in 2002 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is malachite becoming…

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