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Legislative in Senegal: power and opposition at the elbow

The presidential coalition "Benno Bokk Yakaar" obtains 82 seats as deputies, while the opposition coalitions "Yewwi Askan Wi" and "Wallu Senegal" won 56 and 24 seats respectively, that is 80 in total for this alliance, according to preliminary official results of the National Commission for the Census of Votes (CNRV) published on Thursday, August 4. Three other deputies come from the ranks of three other small coalitions of parties, says Ciré Ali Ba, president of the CNRV.

efforts at the parliamentary election on 31 July

Last day of the campaign, Friday 29 July in Senegal, before the general election on Sunday 31 July. One hundred and sixty-five seats of deputies are up for grabs. Eight lists are in competition. The majority hopes to maintain a comfortable majority in the assembly, while the main opposition forces aim to impose cohabitation on President Macky Sall. From our correspondent in Dakar,A…

ten years later, the disputed legacy of the M23 movement

This Wednesday marks the 10th anniversary of the M23 or June 23 movement in Senegal. This coalition of political parties and civil society organizations created in 2011 was mobilized against President Abdoulaye Wade's candidacy for a third term in 2012. Ten years later, the movement's legacy is disputed. as reported from Dakar,…

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