a dispute over a fish ends with

It’s a news story worth hosting a Western movie that took place in the town of Tchibanga, 600 km south of Libreville. Police attacked the prison there to free their leader, who was imprisoned for attacking a gendarme. A dozen prisoners would have used the incident to escape. When they were on their way to Libreville, these policemen were stopped and then taken back to Tchibanga where everyone is in custody according to private media and social networks.

as reported from Libreville, Yves-Laurent Goma

It all started with an argument about braised fish in a bush. According to several sources, on the evening of June 21, there is a fish left on the grill when a young girl orders. The seller says that the fish is already bought by a gentleman also on stand. The young girl demands that she be served. A lively verbal quarrel occurs between the first customer and the young girl, who encounters a bar next door and calls her lover for backup.

The first client, who is in fact a gendarme, was allegedly beaten by several people. His attackers are police officers including the commander of the province’s powerful intelligence service. Treated in Tchibanga, 600 km from Libreville, where he was beaten, he was reportedly evacuated to the capital, where he was hospitalized for two weeks.

Back in Tchibanga, he filed a complaint. The police chief was arrested on July 23. Two days later, officials from the police units in the region launched an attack on the Tchibanga prison. They release their leader and head for Libreville. They are stopped by the army.

The master was reportedly taken back to prison. Its elements are in the hands of the military police. Everyone is suspended from their functions.


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