Rebel Wilson says these 4 issues helped her lose 75 kilos

Rebels Wilson has lost an incredible amount of weight over the past year, and completely changed her body along the way. Although it had previously been reported that Wilson had lost a total of 60 pounds, in a July 26 Instagram Live Q&A (via Hello!), Wilson revealed that she has now lost “like 70 pounds, 75 pounds, maybe a little more.”

In addition, Wilson said that her weight loss this time felt significantly different from her previous attempts to lose weight. “Still, [I] have not got it back, which is pretty cool, because I have never in my life been able to do it, she explained.

While the star has been open about her slow and stable mentality when it comes to dieting, she recently acknowledged that there are four fundamental changes that took into account transforming her body.

“Adequate sleep, walking, moisturizing, [and] drinking water, “was all the key to her great change, Wilson acknowledged.” You will always see me with a FIJI [water] in my hand and balance it with the nutrition, ”she said.

In a recent interview, Wilson revealed that she had also made her own efforts to replace some of her less healthy eating habits with other ways of rewarding herself.

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“I just bought a Yves Saint Laurent handbag after finishing Almond and seahorse because I try to be healthier and treat myself to things that are not food anymore, she said InStyle.

Although Wilson may look and feel better than ever these days, she has admitted that she regrets some of her change – namely that she did not try it before.

“Now that I know I can do it, I sometimes feel sorry that I did not do it before. Maybe I should have tried when I was 30, not 40,” she told the publication.

“What I learned is that it is really the little things I do every day that make a difference … Anyone can go for walks and drink more water and do small, consistent things that will improve their lives. It is not too late to start, no matter what age you are. “

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