Katie Lee Biegel shares how she received again to her weight earlier than the infant

Celebrity chef Katie Lee Biegel welcomed daughter Iris 10 months ago, and the new mother just revealed that she is already back to her pre-pregnancy weight. However, the star admits that it was not as easy to get there as she thought it would be – and that the number on the scale is not her main focus today.

In a new Instagram post, Biegel reveals exactly how she loses the baby’s weight and how she gets closer to her health and fitness goals every day. And for more celebrity health and fitness news, check out Brie Larson sharing her exact arm and butt workout in new video.

July 9, Biegel opened for his Instagram followers about how “bouncing back” after having her daughter had not been as easy as she had hoped.

“I recently beat my weight before birth, but it’s really not about the number on the scale. We spend 9 months growing, expanding and having so many changes … then there is childbirth … which for me was the easiest part “What I was not prepared for at all was the recovery after the birth. I was in quite a pain for 6 weeks and it took me much longer to heal physically than I ever expected,” Biegel explained. The star noted that she could not exercise in the first months after giving birth and was without time or energy to prepare healthy meals.

But now that she finds time to exercise these healthy habits, Biegel says she feels more like herself again. “I started to come back to myself. Exercise, my big salads, blow-drying my hair! Now I go every day with Iris in her pram, I train after birth and Pilates on @obefitness, and I use my @ww app. I finally feel that my body is back … not just because of the number on the scale, but I feel like I’m back to feeling strong and healthy. “

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Biegel, who is a WW partner, has long been an advocate for largely plant-based eating. In an interview in March 2021 with Eats well, Biegel credited fruits and vegetables for helping her lose weight after the birth of her daughter.

“I always look at my plate and try to make it into 70 to 80% vegetables. I want a colorful diet. If you load up on the good stuff, you can push out the bad stuff,” she explained.

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katie lee biegel is sitting next to a table full of monk holes

Biegel admits that it is easy to give in to temptation when she is on set, so she allows herself to have a small portion of the food she longs for to avoid overindulgence.

Before the film, Biegel makes sure to train so that she starts the day with a positive choice for her health. Once on set, she allows herself only a few pieces of less than healthy food before moving on. “I quickly learned that if you eat everything [on set], you will feel terrible at the end of the day. So I take a few pieces and then I go away, she said Health 2018.

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katie lee biegel holds a pan with pizza on it

While Biegel has worked hard to reduce postpartum, she previously said she will not go to great lengths to do so.

“I do not subscribe to that carbohydrate issue. I’m so tired of the Atkins diet and all that,” said the acclaimed pizza fanatic. Health. “First of all, if you do not eat carbohydrates, all you do is think about them. It is one of the things you take out and at first you lose weight, but you are miserable.”

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