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Senegalese in Morocco to learn to roar

The Senegalese women's national team returns to the African Cup of Nations after a twelve-year absence, on July 3, 2022 in Rabat against Uganda (Group A). For this second participation in a CAN final phase, the Senegalese above all want to mature and learn,…

Colonel Cikapa denies ordering uniforms

The trial of François Beya, the former "security chief" of the head of state, resumed on Friday in the Makala Central Prison, beginning with the appearances of the accused. Judges are trying to understand the charges against François Beya, who has been charged with "conspiracy" and "crimes" against President Félix Tshisekedi, as well as four co-defendants including his assistant, two army commanders and a senior police commissioner. . The debate was hot between the prosecutor and Colonel David Cikapa, François Beya's chief…

which law can depose Nigeria?

The African Women's Cup of Nations (CAN 2022) takes place in Morocco July 2-23. The Nigerians, who win in eleven editions of thirteen and triple defense champions, will be arch-favorites in this CAN 2022. Will a selection succeed in stopping the supremacy of…

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