Outraged Tuchel and Bayern React to Game-changing Offside Decision as an ‘Unmitigated Catastrophe’

Thomas Tuchel expressed immense frustration after Bayern Munich’s elimination in the Champions League semifinals by Real Madrid. Tuchel and his team were livid when Matthijs de Ligt’s crucial goal was disallowed due to a controversial call. As a result, they were defeated by Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu in a nail-biting 4-3 battle, sealing Real Madrid’s spot in the final on June 1. The disallowed goal, which would have forced extra time, created chaos as the referee blew the whistle before VAR could intervene. Tuchel criticized the lack of consistency, particularly after Madrid’s second goal was allowed through a VAR review. Tuchel described the situation as a modern football disaster and an unacceptable series of events due to officiating errors. Despite Bayern taking the lead with Alphonso Davies’ goal, substitute Joselu’s late heroics shattered their dreams of a seventh title against Borussia Dortmund. De Ligt revealed that the linesman apologized for the error, but Tuchel emphasized that such crucial mistakes should not happen in semifinals. Tuchel expected better officiating standards in such crucial games, emphasizing that apologies do not make up for the impact of such errors.

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