Somalia Authorities Display 12 Alleged Al-Shabaab Members in Public Showcasing

The National Intelligence Security Agency (NISA) in Somalia revealed 12 suspects believed to be Al-Shabaab militants amidst an intensified crackdown on the extremist group. The suspects were apprehended in Baidoa, a notorious terror hotspot in the region, for extorting money from the public and committing acts of violence. These individuals will face charges in military court and security forces are prepared to launch further operations against Al-Shabaab in other states. Over the past couple of years, security forces have made significant progress in combating Al-Shabaab, leading to the surrender of many militants. The government plans to transfer security responsibilities to the Somali National Army and phase out the presence of foreign troops, as part of the Somali Transition Plan. With the gradual withdrawal of African Union forces, Somalia is taking steps towards achieving security and stability in the country.

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