Casemiro Emphatically Proclaims Age is Irrelevant and Energizing

Casemiro faces a frustrating season at Manchester United, but he remains positive about his future with the Red Devils. The midfielder insists age won’t hold him back, drawing inspiration from others who excelled in their mid to late 30s. He highlights the success of older players like Thiago Silva and previous Ballon d’Or winners to debunk the myth that age hinders performance in football. Casemiro is full of energy, refusing to let critics dictate his capabilities, emphasizing that understanding the game is more critical than age. Despite dealing with injuries that hindered his momentum this season, he expresses gratitude to Manchester United for giving him the joy of playing in the Premier League. United faces Brighton in their final Premier League game and Manchester City in the FA Cup final. Casemiro acknowledges the challenges posed by numerous injuries this season, causing setbacks for the team. He appreciates the opportunity to contribute wherever needed, even when asked to play out of position at center-back. The unprecedented number of 60-70 injuries has made it difficult to maintain consistency and achieve success.

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