two whales stranded on Lomé beach in one week

A whale stranded on Lomé beach for the second time in a week, causing crowds on the beach early Wednesday morning.

as reported from Lomé,

It was on the beach in front of the German embassy that whales were found early Wednesday morning. The whale, which had apparently died several days earlier, had completely rotted and stank, according to the maritime prefect, Lieutenant Commander Nayo Takougnadi.

Several curious people have gathered on the beach and are wondering why whales are stranded these days on Togolese beaches and with good reason. This is the second time in a week that we find dead whales on the beach. According to Stanislas Baba, the High Adviser to the Sea, the same phenomenon has been noticed in Ghana.

Sanitary sample

Investigations are therefore beginning to find the reasons why these whales died. This Wednesday morning, police still prevented the curious from approaching. The brand new Minister of Maritime Economy, Fisheries and Coastal Protection, Kokou Tengué, told us that it is to prevent residents from taking meat and consuming it. A phytosanitary sample is taken by the hygiene services for analyzes.


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